Monday, July 5, 2010


Have you ever thought of buying from China but

  • do not know how to pay them

  • do not want to go thru a middle person

  • do not have the time to purchase Western Union

Kinex offers an additional service:
Paying to China accounts

How to calculate?
the amount you need to pay (yuen) divide 1.75 = amount to bank in (RM)

For example, you need to pay 100yuen:
100 / 1.75 = RM57.14
so, you bank in RM57 to me.

What you need to do:
1) deal with your supplier regarding
- the items you want
- the shipping method.
- total amount to pay (in yuen)
*if you need any translation, please contact me*

2) get supplier's
- account number
- e-mail address

by e-mail or chat thru g-mail account

4) provide me with
- your bill number
- total amount to pay
- supplier's account number
- supplier's e-mail address

5) bank in the amount (RM)

After the 5-steps above, I'll help you pay to the supplier and provide you with reference number.